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31 Ways To Pray

Breathe deep and pay attention: feel the air enter your lungs. Remember to say thank you when you see the hills on the horizon, the river flowing to meet them. Plant a tree. Kiss your dog’s head. Go smell some vanilla. On your birthday, donate your age in dollars to improve someone else’s life. Light […]

30: The White Album

The Beatles released the White Album in 1968, 30 eclectic tracks mapping the group’s dissolution in 1970. (They recorded with the working title of A Doll’s House; the official title of the album is simply The Beatles). Joan Didion wrote a series of essays about her life in 1960s California titled The White Album. She […]


The moon was just as bright tonight as last night’s full moon, glowing like it had nothing else to do. Technically, though, it’s only 97% full, waning gibbous (gibbous means greater than half but not quite full). The average lunar cycle is 29.53 days, although the moon needs only 27.3 days to orbit Earth. The […]

December 28: Last Full Moon of 2012

Actually, the full moon event occurred this morning at 4:21 AM Texas time–that’s the moment “when the moon is exactly opposite the sun in the Earth’s sky.” But at 10:30 PM, it still looks pretty dang full. The patterns of light and dark on the moon’s face shift throughout the moon’s cycle. These darker areas […]

The 27 Club

Membership in the 27 Club is composed of musicians who died while 27 years old. Such luminaries include Hendrix, Cobain, Winehouse, Morrison, and Joplin (Janis, not Scott—he made it to 49 but died of syphilis in a demented state, so eh, maybe 27 would have been better). One dude, John Craigie, has a song titled 28 […]

26 Letters

In order of  preference: j x p z t s m o b r n y a v e d k h i f q g l c w u

25th Infantry Division

The US Army’s 25th Infantry Division has three nicknames, two of which sound like foofy cocktails:  Tropic Lightning and Electric Strawberry. The “tropic” portion of the infantry division’s name comes from their location; they’re based in Hawaii and primarily active in the Pacific. Their insignia is supposed to look like a taro leaf (in tribute to […]