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25th Infantry Division

25th Infantry Division SSI.svgThe US Army’s 25th Infantry Division has three nicknames, two of which sound like foofy cocktails:  Tropic Lightning and Electric Strawberry. The “tropic” portion of the infantry division’s name comes from their location; they’re based in Hawaii and primarily active in the Pacific. Their insignia is supposed to look like a taro leaf (in tribute to their Hawaiian origin) but I can see how it might be described as an electric strawberry.

Sure enough, The Internet has vomited up some recipes: some abomination called the Electric Strawberry contains butterscotch schnapps, grenadine, milk, and one strawberry. A far more palatable recipe is the Tropic Lightning: 1.5 oz light Jamaican rum, 0.5 oz Trader Tiki’s Vanilla Syrup, and 0.5 oz lime juice, which is topped with 3 oz champagne. The champagne is a bit much, but perhaps that’s the “lightning” part.

The beverage connection extends to non-alcoholic beverages as well: Ice-T was in the 25th Infantry. Oliver Stone was too, and olive(r)s go in martinis, so. Stone used the Electric Strawberry insignia for his soldiers in Platoon (and the unit’s activities also formed the basis of the novel The Thin Red Line). Tropic Thunder, of course, bases its title on the division. Jack Black is in Tropic Thunder, and his name certainly evokes black-label Jack Daniels. I’m just wondering if these guys are heavy drinkers or what.

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