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The 27 Club

Membership in the 27 Club is composed of musicians who died while 27 years old. Such luminaries include Hendrix, Cobain, Winehouse, Morrison, and Joplin (Janis, not Scott—he made it to 49 but died of syphilis in a demented state, so eh, maybe 27 would have been better).

One dude, John Craigie, has a song titled 28 about this club. (He also has a song titled Let’s Talk This Over When We’re Sober and Not at Burning Man, which is the best song title I’ve heard in months.)

Many of the musicians dead at 27, according to Wikipedia’s handy list, engineered their own destruction with drugs or alcohol; a surprising number were murdered. Not D. Boon, though: he died in a car accident. Singer/guitarist for the punk band Minutemen, D. Boon was a big dude who wrote songs and painted and was generally chill. After Boon was killed, the other two members of the Minutemen (the always lively Mike Watt on bass and the lively haired George Hurley on drums) formed fIREHOSE, whose tunes I actually prefer to the Minutemen’s. The Minutemen’s songs were generally less than a minute, you see, an economy of form further reflected in their economical approach to everything (like recording after midnight to get cheaper studio rates, and laying down the tracks in the order they’d appear on the album to get around the editing step later). Check out We Jam Econo: the Story of the Minutemen on Netflix Instant.

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