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31 Ways To Pray

  1. Breathe deep and pay attention: feel the air enter your lungs.
  2. Remember to say thank you when you see the hills on the horizon, the river flowing to meet them.
  3. Plant a tree.
  4. Kiss your dog’s head.
  5. Go smell some vanilla.
  6. On your birthday, donate your age in dollars to improve someone else’s life.
  7. Light some incense and watch the smoke.
  8. Run along a nature trail; feel your feet touch the dirt now and now and now and now.
  9. Pay attention—divinity is everywhere and always ready to surprise you.
  10. Put on headphones and get high on some music.
  11. Donate blood.
  12. Turn off your phone and listen.
  13. Turn off your thoughts and listen.
  14. Carry a worry stone in your pocket and decline to worry every time you touch it.
  15. Give or get some Reiki.
  16. Pick up litter.
  17. Go dancing.
  18. Breathe into your heart instead of your lungs; feel your heart chakra spin and whir.
  19. Call your mom and thank her for doing the best she could, even if your therapist says she could have done better.
  20. Once a week, be sincere instead of sarcastic.
  21. Ride your bike up a steep hill and feel the grace in your legs power you to the top.
  22. Thank the bus driver.
  23. Watch your cat sleep, as this is the only time his innocence overshadows his ability to annoy you.
  24. Hang out your clothes to dry in the sun.
  25. Swim in a lake and then sit out to let your skin dry in the sun.
  26. When an ambulance passes, send good thoughts to the patient, the EMTs, and the driver.
  27. Imagine you are a blue whale, gliding through oceans and time.
  28. Volunteer at a farm, working in the dirt and learning about the life force of bugs and seeds and weeds and water.
  29. Go to a museum and lose yourself in art.
  30. Read only 4 words from the Bible: “do not be anxious” (Mark 6:25).
  31. Read some poetry.

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