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4 Fun Fox Facts and Fideos

Don’t mess with Reynard.

4 Facts

  1. Male foxes are called reynards, and female foxes are called vixens. Clearly, they are the sexiest of small predators.
  2. Many cultures worldwide consider the fox a cunning trickster. One Russian idiom is the saying “clever like a fox” (ты хитрая, как лиса). I had a Russian boyfriend who would point his finger at me and say it impishly yet solemnly: “Marina [Russian version of my name]. Tee HEE-traya, kak lee-SAH.” He was always drunk when he said it, because he was always drunk.
  3. Although generally not domesticated for long (except in Soviet Russia, of course, because who are foxes to buck the Soviet machine?), foxes can be quite handy to have around on fruit farms, as they’ll eat the mice and voles and other wee rodents who would otherwise nibble on the young treelets. Actually, foxes will eat bugs too, which is also likely helpful to orchards. They’ll just eat pretty much anything, and if they kill more than they can eat, they like to stash it away for later, hiding it under leaves or snow.
  4. Gray foxes can climb trees! Only one other member of the canine family can climb trees: the raccoon dog, who is going to have to wait for his/her own listing of facts; I’ll say no more today.

4 Fideos

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