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28 Is Power

I first read about the Jewish system of numerology (called gematria) when I read The Chosen as a kid. Well, I read it many times as a kid, because I love that book. Anyway, the idea is that each letter of the Hebrew alphabet has a numerical value. Thus, each word has its own total […]

Fez Revelation in the 27th’s Morning Links

Videogum‘s Morning Links for today, the 27th, start off with a bang: a Who-themed fez. What other glories might the links hold for us today? Doctor Who TARDIS Fez? Doctor Who TARDIS Fez! –Technabob ‘Celebrity Flirt Roulette’ is really wonderful, you’ll see. –TEAMCOCO Ellen talks to the ‘Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong’ girl –TheEllenShow Morrissey Refuses To Do Fallon With Duck Dynasty Stars […]

26.2 at 82

Mandatory Music: listen to this while reading this post if your superfine mind has come undone. Go on, press the button: My preparation for the Zooma Half Marathon has been somewhat slapdash recently, even though I’m working with the delightful and effective Rogue Running. However, they can’t be effective if I stay home and eat […]

Page 25: Skeltonic Couplet

Page 25 of Patterns of Poetry by Miller Williams is devoted to the Skeltonic couplet. Named for the poet who popularized it, John Skelton (~1460 to 1529), these couplets are generally short and iambic and can go on for as long as you can keep them tumbling down the page. Williams notes that these couplets […]

24 Favorite Spoon Songs, In No Order But Alphabetical

Listen up here or go to the embedded Spotify player below the list. Back to the Life Believing Is Art Don’t Buy the Realistic Don’t Let It Get You Down Everything Hits at Once Got Nuffin I Turn My Camera On Lines in the Suit Merchants of Soul Mountain to Sound My Mathematical Mind Nobody Gets […]

“23 Signs You Went to an All-Girls School”

Buzzfeed, home of the numerical listicle, posted a list titled 23 Signs You Went To An All-Girls School, which is a pretty spot-on list, although regrettably not parallel in construction and really should have been titled “23 Facets of All-Girls School Existence” to more accurately reflect the content. Anyway, I liked #23 the best: 23. And […]

22 and the Lazy Caterer

Math, catering, and laziness intersect at 22: “Twenty-two is a pentagonal number and a centered heptagonal number. When cutting a circle with just six line segments, the maximum number of pieces that can be so created is 22,[1] thus 22 is a central polygonal number.” Which leads us to the lazy caterer’s sequence, which I […]