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26.2 at 82

Mandatory Music: listen to this while reading this post if your superfine mind has come undone. Go on, press the button:

My preparation for the Zooma Half Marathon has been somewhat slapdash recently, even though I’m working with the delightful and effective Rogue Running. However, they can’t be effective if I stay home and eat crackers on the couch all day instead of showing up to run 8 miles. Anyway, as my meditation CD tells me, “mistakes only require correction, not punishment.” Also, I clearly have the rest of my life to achieve the bad ass athlete physique I crave. Consider Gladys Burrill, who at 92 years old (in 2011) set the record for oldest person to complete a marathon. Check this out: she ran her FIRST marathon at age 86. WHAT? I think I can extend my training schedule for my first marathon, then. (My original plan was to run the Austin marathon the month I turned 45. Now that I’ve just turned 44…well, maybe I’ll just wait till 50).

The woman nicknamed ‘Gladyator’ power-walked and jogged her way through the Honolulu marathon, finishing in nine hours and 53 minutes.” If I were to run a marathon today, that would be about my finishing time too. This fact is both humbling AND inspirational.

As Steely Dan tells us, “any minor world that breaks apart falls together again.” This Saturday, I’ll put in those 8 miles and I’ll be back in the (running) saddle (the lumbering, creaky, hipsore running saddle).

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