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The 2nd of March Is When We Celebrate

Mandatory Music: listen to this while reading this post to get the full dose of Dale Watson goodness. Go on, press the button:

I’m sure I learned all about this in Texas History (which all Texas 7th graders are required to take), but I’d forgotten that Texas has an Independence Day to celebrate. Then I became a fan of Dale Watson, whose superlative song “That’s What I Like About Texas” has the line “We have a ball on Independence Day; the second of March is when we celebrate.” On March 2, 1836, the settlers in Texas, which was Mexican territory at the time, issued a declaration of independence from Mexico. The Texans had a long list of grievances against their landlords, the Mexican government, but unlike most tenants decided to just take the place over rather than move. They wrote it  in a hurry, because the Alamo was under siege at the time. About a month and a half later, the Battle of San Jacinto decided the war, and the Texans had won. Most importantly, we got this fantastic song about it.

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