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3.5.13: Eek, 2 Months

I’ve just realized that my first triathlon of the season, the Rookie, is 2 months from today. And I haven’t been in the water since July. Haven’t been biking much either (except for riding my zippy road bike to work) since I began training with Rogue Running in January—I can’t remember the last time I worked my legs this hard, and my legs can’t either, which is why they whisper to me on Sunday mornings “no no, go back to sleeeeeep. You can ride next weeeeeek, shhhhhhhh.” I have persuasive legs, as you can see. Still, it’s exciting to be starting my first tri season with a road bike AND some actual running fitness in place. Between now and the Rookie, I’ll do the Zooma Half Marathon (which I’ll half walk) and the Capital 10K, at which I will do my version of hauling ass, so for once the legs will be ready for the run course. Also on tap this season: the Lake Pflugerville Tri, the Marble Falls Tri, the Kerrville Tri (my first full Olympic!), and the Real Ale Ride. It’s an exciting time to be me and my persuasive legs.

Uh, that's totally not me pictured, FYI.

Uh, that’s totally not me pictured, FYI.

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