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13 Magical Episodes of Wonderfalls

In 2004, the Fox network premiered and then destroyed a fantastic comedy-drama with a magical realism flair: Wonderfalls. They didn’t even broadcast all 13 episodes (they aired only 4 before cancelling it), but you can see them all now on DVD. It’s not available on Netflix Instant or Amazon Prime or anything convenient like that, but it’s worth the effort to seek out at a video store. The show was created by Bryan Fuller, who came up with other gems like Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies. Like those shows, the main character is troubled by a supernatural element in her life: Jaye is an underemployed, overeducated smartass working in a Niagra Falls souvenir shop when objects (anything with a face) begin talking to her: a wax lion, brass monkey, pink flamingo lawn ornament, etc. These creatures are essentially acting as the voice of God, directing her actions, much to her dismayed and angry resistance. This show is funny and sweet and original and Fox is so fricking stupid for cancelling it. 

Plus XTC wrote the theme song, and it is of course delightful. Enjoy the theme song here while you put this DVD set into your Amazon cart.

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