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3.29: A Day to Celebrate Christopher Lambert

Mandatory Music: you must test your might while reading this post. Go on, press the button.

Today is French actor Christopher Lambert’s birthday. He’s been going strong since 1957, but for me the highlight of his career is his depiction of Lord Raiden, the thunder god, in the movie version of Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat is one of my all-time favorite terrible movies. It is full of juicy ridiculousness involving elaborate fight choreography, attractive men kicking ass, one super-skinny woman who can’t possibly be putting much force behind her blows*, clunky special effects, wise/mysterious Asians, villainous foreigners, and a Eurocentric god who saves the day for all the wise/mysterious Asians. I do sincerely love the movie and I thoroughly enjoy the soundtrack, which features not 1 but 2 versions of the Mortal Kombat theme song. The song posted above is the version that got me up a serious hill during the Zooma Half Marathon this last weekend. When facing a big-ass hill, you want a song encouraging you, and reminding you that you signed up for a half marathon in the first place because you wanted to test your might.

So anyway, Christopher Lambert is probably much better known as the Highlander, which I tried to watch once but lost patience with it. So to me he is only Raiden, and today he is 56. So enjoy this delightful clip from Mortal Kombat, in which he appears at the end of the scene to menace some would-be attackers.

*Auuugh, I hate it when 90-lb stick figures are cast as fighters. This is my problem with the TV Buffy, who lacked the athletic build of the movie Buffy. You know Kristy Swanson could take Sarah Michelle Gellar in a fight.

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