13 Reasons to Watch Arrow

OK, admittedly Arrow (the TV adaptation of the Green Arrow) is not so great. It has the hallmark of annoying television casting: a high school student who appears to be a chainsmoking 28-year-old. And silly plot twists and unlikely coincidences and bullets that never seem to hit the good guys and so forth. But Buzzfeed has put together a list of 13 reasons to watch Arrow, and all 13 involve a shirtless Stephen Amell. Worth a visit!

2 comments on “13 Reasons to Watch Arrow

  1. I love Arrow! It’s true that he is HOT! But I also like the strong female characters.

    • I like the mom, despite her potential villainy, as she is indeed a strong character; she certainly showed bravery when the Hood busted into her office. That “teenage” sister has to go, though: such a brat!

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