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14 Lines of Lorca

Mandatory Music: you must jam to this vivacious rendition of a Lorca poem while reading this post. Go on, press the button.

A favorite running song of mine is ¡Ráfaga! by Apostle of Hustle. (Really, this entire album, National Anthem of Nowhere, is FANTASTIC and a particularly good choice for listening to with high quality headphones.) This song is a musical rendition of the poem by the same name by Lorca, presented here in translation (Apostle of Hustle sings it in the original Spanish). On a former blog, I posted this very post and found it cited, I’m quite proud to say, on SongMeanings.net (my very favorite lyrics site). The very first comment provides this translation, linking back to my original post on the now-defunct Vox blogging site. So I’m posting the very same info again as clearly someone out there founds it useful—enjoy the song and the poem and everybody go for a run now.

Flash of Light

She passes by, my girl.
How prettily she goes by!
With her little dress
of muslin.
And a captive

Follow her, my boy, then
up every byway!
And if you see her weeping
or weighing things up, then
paint her heart over
with a bit of purple
and tell her not to weep if
she were left single.

Translated by A. S. Kline

One comment on “14 Lines of Lorca

  1. […] easy anyway, so it all worked. Also, National Anthem of Nowhere is one of my very favorite albums (as I might’ve mentioned). Have a listen via this Spotify playlist (if you’re into that kind of […]

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