16 Ways to Carry a Heart

Mandatory Music: you must revel in this simple, lovely rendition of a Cummings poem while reading this post. Go on, press the button.

Before I heard this song, I never knew of this E.E. Cummings poem. I’m a big fan of Cummings, but this one had not made an impression. Evidently it’s a big deal with many people, though, as a quick (and accidental) image search revealed. Folks are savoring this poem in the form of jewelry, calligraphy, tattoos, watercolors, letterpress, tshirts, posters, and on and on—many of which appear to be available on Etsy. I also found mention of an entire Tumblr devoted to literary tattoos, which I cannot EVEN visit or I’ll lose many hours pondering and plotting another tattoo. Anyway, here’s a selection of 16 ways to carry someone’s heart with you (carry it in your heart).

Bonus! See this whole page devoted to a graphic depiction.


Source (Etsy)


Source (Decorator Decals)


Source (Etsy)


Source (Etsy)


Source (Etsy)


Source (Etsy)


Source (Etsy)

2 comments on “16 Ways to Carry a Heart

  1. Thanks for the inclusion. I love this poem (evidently).

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