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19 Reasons I Should Be Named “Beerbassador”

So, Bicycle Sport Shop and Real Ale are looking for Beerbassadors to spread the good word about beer and bikes. CLEARLY I am qualified. Here’s what I submitted.

Beerbassador Questionnaire

1. Are you at least 21 years of age? Yes

2. What’s your favorite chilled alcoholic beverage? Devil’s Backbone

3. How many beers have you had today? 2

4. How many miles have you ridden today? 12

5. How many years have you been riding? ~20 (mostly as a commuter on a mountain bike—but now I’ve got a road bike; so exciting!)

6. Write an essay of 200 words or less about why you love bikes and beer and why you think they go together. Riding a bike makes me grin like a fool, whether it’s in the middle of a triathlon or on my way to work. That’s why I volunteer for Bike Austin, joined the ACA and the BSS Triathlon Club, and finally got my first road bike so I can grin at faster speeds over longer distances. And some of my most memorable rides have ended with beer, making me want to repeat those experiences—clearly, beer plays a role in reinforcing positive behaviors such as exercise. Not to be a suckup or anything, but the couple of brewery-fresh brews I had at last year’s Real Ale Ride were mind-blowingly delicious, partly because I’d just earned those brews on the hills. Plus, beer is carbonated carbs. Carbs are essential macronutrients for active folks, which makes beer part of a healthy lifestyle. It may even help with recovery from exercise, or so my blog says. (See, I already write about beer with little to no provocation; I’ll be a bad-ass Beerbassador, y’all.).

7. How many group rides do you generally do in a year and how many are you planning on this year? I’ve done a dozen social group rides and/or triathlons over the past few years on my mountain bike. Last year was my first real road ride: I rented a Specialized Ruby to do the Real Ale. Now that I’ve got my own road bike, I’m crazy for road rides. This year, I plan on doing shop rides every weekend plus Real Ale, Armadillo, Hotter than Du Duathlon, Wurst Ride, Fredricksburg Fall Foliage, and Urban Farm Tour. (Sadly, no Urban Assault Ride in Austin this year; that ride’s a blast.)

8. What’s the farthest you’ve ever ridden a bike? 30 miles at last year’s Real Ale

9. What’s the farthest you’ve ever ridden a bike for a beer? 30 miles at last year’s Real Ale

10. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without riding or drinking a beer? No beer? That’s easy to answer. I spent a semester in Russia back in 1990. Have you ever had Russian “beer”? You’d wait out the semester too. As for riding, I’d say about 12 years passed between riding a bike to school in 5th grade and becoming a bike commuter in Chicago.

Bonus Questions

11. (More of a statement, really) I kind of accidentally already started the job: I wrote a post for The Hairpin last year comparing the experiences of volunteering at the Real Ale Ride versus riding it.


Pix = it did happen.

12. Can you offer other proof of your love for both bikes and beer? Well, take a look at this screenshot of the most frequently used tags on my blog (on your right there). See? Beers, bicycle, and bicycling, right out there.

Note: I started this blog in December and each day write a post based on the date. I’m using the answers to this questionnaire as my post for today (the 19th) so I’m adding extra questions both to give you a full picture of my fitness for the Beerbassador position and to get to 19.

13. What’s the last part of “Beerbassador?” BASSADOR. And I have one of those! Her name is Chloe; her mother was a Basset and her father was a Labrador. 

My houndish friend Chloe

My houndish friend Chloe

14. Answers to Questions 14 through 19:

Because it's a 6 pack, see?

Because it’s a 6 pack, see?

One comment on “19 Reasons I Should Be Named “Beerbassador”

  1. […] My application was successful! This is indeed gratifying, and I look to carry out my mission as Beerbassador with a dignified enthusiasm that will bring honor to my clan. […]

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