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4.22.1915: A Big Day for Crossword Puzzle Makers

Where did the Patridge family never play a concert?

Where did the Patridge family never play a concert?

April 22, 1915 was the beginning of the 2nd battle at Ypres (of 3 battles total), and a golden day for people looking to find a way to start a word with a Y followed by 2 consonants. Once you have more than one big battle at a foreign site, that site becomes much more likely to make it into history books and onto history exams and the overall cultural consciousness. Here’s a bonanza of clues puzzlemasters have used to work YPRES into a crossword puzzle:

  • W.W. I battle site
  • Belgian city
  • WWI battle site
  • W.W. I battle locale
  • Belgian city in W.W. I fighting
  • WWI Battlefield
  • Belgian battle site of WWI
  • Site of several WWI battles
  • WWI battle site in Belgium
  • Belgian city destroyed in WWI
  • WWI Belgian battle site
  • Town destroyed during W.W. I
  • W.W.I battle site
  • Belgian city of WWI battles
  • Belgian site of three major WWI battles
  • WWI battleground
  • W.W. I battle site in Belgium
  • City in 1917 headlines
  • West Flanders site of three W.W. I battles
  • Battle site of 1914, 1915 and 1917
  • Belgian town in W.W. I fighting
  • Scene of fierce W.W. I fighting
  • Costly W.W. I battleground
  • Belgian W.W. I battle site
  • Belgian battle site in W.W. I
  • Town called Ieper by Belgians
  • Ieper, to the French
  • Belgian battleground: W.W. I
  • Belgian town, to the French
  • Site of three World War I battles
  • Canadian battlefield, WW1
  • Canadian battlefield in Belgium
  • World War I battleground
  • WWI Belgian battlefield
  • Belgian battle site
  • Site of three WWI battles

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