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4.29: The Day I Got the Sad News about AV Club

So, I’ve just got the news that some of my very favorite writers are leaving A.V. Club: Nathan Rabin, Tasha Robinson, and Genevieve Koski. They’re joining Scott Tobias and Keith Phipps, who already left, on a new venture to be named later. My only consolation is that Sean O’Neal remains to write Newswire pieces. I’ve spent many, many an hour reading A.V. Club recaps, reviews, and inventories, and have gotten to familiar with the usual crew of commenters.  In a fit of extraordinary creativity, one of these grief-stricken commenters produced this gem, which will likely make no sense to those who don’t spend waaaaay too much time on pop-culture-analysis websites. I’m posting it here anyway. (P.S. Here’s this meme’s origin story.)

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