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5.31: Running with the Apostle of Hustle

Went out for a run at 8:30 tonight; it was still 87 degrees but a nice breeze was up. I decided to run to an album, something I don’t usually do. Most of these tracks aren’t necessarily the kind of high energy tracks I run to, but the goal was to run easy anyway, so […]

What $3000 Gets You: Road vs. Tri Bike

The dude over at Fit Recovery (Jim) put together a handy post outlining the difference between road and tri bikes. He compares a Trek Speed 7 with a Madone 4.6. Obviously, a road bike like the Madone is far more versatile, but Jim stacks the photos of the two bikes, making for an easy comparison […]

Here’s Hoping I Don’t Hit 29

So, I’ve been doing lots of fitness work this year: I trained for and ran a half-marathon, then a speedy (for me) 10K, kicked off the triathlon season, and went on my longest bike ride ever. I’m feeling fairly fit for being a middle-ager. However, I’ve also experienced a huge upswing in my work responsibilities […]

Beryl Burton’s 28-Year Record

Beryl Burton was a cycling sensation and one of the greatest British athletes. As the queen of the time trial and the road race, she held a ridiculous number of records for years in multiple cycling distances; she set 50 new records for British women, one of which still stands (her 12-hour record). It took […]

5.27: Volunteering at Cap Tex Tri

This morning I was a volunteer on the swim course of the Cap Tex Tri. This race pays big money, so I saw Olympians and pros coming out of the water, all sleek and dolphiny and totally intense as they zipped past on the way to their bikes. Even more exciting, though, was that this […]

26 To-Do’s

It’s a holiday weekend, but I blew yesterday by spending it on the couch so I’ve got 3 days’ worth of fun(?) to pack into 2. LET’S DO THIS. Today Complete bike workout Edit paper Get/fix something to bring to F1 party Go to F1 party Wipe layer of fur off living room surfaces (why […]

5.25: Towel Day!

Today is Towel Day! (This super-cool infographic is from Today we celebrate Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (see this handy infographic, also from