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5.11 Ride Report: Armadillo Classic

Yay, Armadillo Day!

Yay, Armadillo Day!

Today I rode the Armadillo Hill Country Classic—a lovely charity ride sponsored by the Austin Cycling Association, which uses the proceeds to fund cycling safety education programs and Central Texas bike advocacy efforts. They offer routes ranging from 14 to 105 miles. I did 42 miles—from Liberty Hill to Bertram and back. My longest ride ever! As it was ride, not a race, I biked at the approximate pace of a brisk walk. My legs were getting a bit worn out by the end, but felt fairly fresh overall. Tomorrow’s the Daisy 5K, so I wanted to save my legs.

The Armadillo promises “See quaint towns like Bertram, Oatmeal & Burnet.” Obviously, I was excited about riding through a town called Oatmeal (who wouldn’t be?) but sadly missed it, as it was evidently on one of the longer routes. Look out for me next year, residents of Oatmeal, Texas!

Perfect day for a ride, too. So much rolling ranchland under the big Texas sky! So many fields of wildflowers! One very confused and apprehensive goat in the roadway! Delightful. My next road ride is next Saturday: the Real Ale Ride.

One comment on “5.11 Ride Report: Armadillo Classic

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