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5.12 Race Report: the Daisy 5K


Today was the Daisy 5K, the longest-running 5K in Austin (36 years). My first time running it, though, and the day after my longest bike ride ever. As of this morning, my legs felt fine. By 5:00 this evening, though, twas a slow walk upstairs to put away some clothes. I knew it was going to be a small event, so I was concerned–in a small-enough field, I could conceivably come in last. I quietly hoped for someone needing to haul a portable oxygen tank or maybe someone so committed to the race that they were willing to do it even though they’d sprained an ankle and had to hobble the whole time. Fortunately, there were clearly walkers on hand, so I relaxed and just tried to keep running at my best approximation of a quick pace. Chugged a serving of BeetElite on the way to the venue, as it does seem to help me go faster in the first mile or so. I think this was my fastest 5K, so seems to work!

As usual, Runkeeper lied to me about my distance and speed, because Runkeeper is a dirty, dirty liar. But I ran the whole thing without stopping, which is an indication of how far I’ve come. Running used to be optional.


See the joy on her face!

I brought my own cheering section in the form of a teenaged daughter, whose Mother’s Day present to me was getting out of bed at 7:30 on a Sunday morning to cheer me on and greet me at the finish line. The race route was set up so that we did 2 loops, so certainly cheering-section-friendly. In a tremendous display of devotion, she looked up from her phone when I passed the first time to give me the “raise the roof” sign and then actually rose to her feet to film my finish line crossing. She spared no effort!

Unlike yesterday’s charity ride (sponsored by the Austin Cycling Association), this 5K (sponsored by the Austin Runners Club) did provide beer afterwards. A local brewery, Hops and Grains, was giving out samples via cans. I feel like doing triathlon has trained me to expect beer after a morning’s exertion, but in this case I just took a can to go, as 9AM was a bit early for a brew after such a short effort.

Afterward, I had a bit of a stretch and we went to Magnolia for pancakes, then spent the rest of the day watching The IT Crowd. Great Mother’s Day, overall!

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