17 Kinds of Loot from Bike To Work Day

I cleaned UP this year, y'all.

I cleaned UP this year, y’all.

Bike to Work Day! It’s like a holiday for bike commuters. So much goodness being handed out by so many kindly organizations! My commute is usually around 4 miles but I did 10 this morning, hitting up 7 stations:

  1. The city’s Cycle Track Dedication (new cycle track on Barton Springs Road)
  2. City Hall (where I was looking forward to getting some free bike lights from APD, but as of 8AM, APD still hadn’t shown up. Bah! Got a ton of Clif products there, though.)
  3. Jack and Adams
  4. Mellow Johnny’s
  5. Dynamic Reprographics (they made the super-cool tshirts and did NOT  cheap out; the fabric is all soft and lovely)
  6. Food for Fitness
  7. Wheatsville Coop

And here’s a rundown of the types of loot I hauled in.

  1. Coffee—so much excellent coffee! I had a half-cup at 3 stations.
  2. Cups of lemon water (ice water with lemon slices) and kale-cucumber agua fresca
  3. Coupons and a buy5-get1free smoothie purchase card with one punch already…punched
  4. Energy bars: Clif, Clif Mojo, Nature Valley, 365 fruit bars
  5. Granola (by Kind)
  6. Messenger/tote bag
  7. Timbuk2 bike light
  8. Carabiner from CyclistLaw.com
  9. Fruit
  10. Breakfast tacos
  11. Greek yogurt
  12. Supercool tshirt (plus postards with the same graphic)
  13. Stickers
  14. Patch kit
  15. Bottle of Gatorade
  16. REI calendar of events
  17. Flyer for Viva Streets (happening this Sunday)

3 comments on “17 Kinds of Loot from Bike To Work Day

  1. Dang, I live in the wrong part of Texas! Not much happening in DFW today, other than at a couple of train stations (stopping by anyone of them would have added 1 to 2 hours to my commute).

    • We’re really lucky in Austin–the city has a Neighborhood Connectivity program with a Bike Program component run by invested staffers and super-active local advocacy groups like Bike Austin. Bike lanes have sprouted up all over town the last few years. Good times!

  2. […] so I didn’t get the kind of massive haul that’ I’ve gotten the last two years (2013 and 2014). I stopped at only 3 of the 10 stations I’d planned on, because I feel the need to […]

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