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26 To-Do’s

It’s a holiday weekend, but I blew yesterday by spending it on the couch so I’ve got 3 days’ worth of fun(?) to pack into 2. LET’S DO THIS.


  1. Complete bike workout
  2. Edit paper
  3. Get/fix something to bring to F1 party
  4. Go to F1 party
  5. Wipe layer of fur off living room surfaces (why do I let animals live in my house?)
  6. Put away boxes
  7. Put away shoes (what’s with the shoes all over the place in here?)
  8. Sweep
  9. Mop
  10. Vacuum
  11. Do dishes
  12. Find colorist at Birds Barbershop via Yelp
  13. Walk dog (x2)


  1. Complete swim workout
  2. Volunteer at Cap Tex Tri
  3. Blog about Cap Tex Tri (and then stop using blog as a verb)
  4. Hot yoga at 8:45
  5. Edit paper some more
  6. Do laundry
  7. Fold laundry
  8. Put away laundry
  9. Assign bathroom cleaning to kid, then review her work
  10. Have kid take out trash
  11. Apply flea preventative to the pets (again, why are they here?)
  12. Clean off back patio
  13. Transplant oregano


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