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1/5 of 5 Points of Advice to Young People

The Billfold, a finance-made-fun site that I visit regularly, posted a series of articles under the umbrella of Five Points of Advice to Young People on the Spending and Earning of Money. Most of the Billfold articles are brief and easily digested; this posts in this series look more like legal documents, but take a moment to read them and you’ll see the author is just goofing around with you. I particularly enjoy Part Two: Always Pay for Art. Here’s one rambling point that swerves speedily from talking about money to a meditation on The Wire:

      • b. Legitimate copies (of the afore-mentioned) will, sometimes, because they have been paid for, mean more to the Young Spender (than illegitimate copies) because they have cost him his money. This statement, however, feels disingenuous, because:
      • i. The author viewed the entire course of the HBO original series “The Wire” through a set of torrented files, and this illegitimate procurement did not one iota lessen the impact of the Art of said show on him/her.
      • 1. Because its slow-burning plot, with its several dozen threads spread over the length of five seasons, was, illegitimately viewed or not, a breath of fresh air in the hyper-accelerated, spiced up flash paper that is most television plotting
      • 2. Because its depth of character across a massive cast was all so pitch-perfectly realized as to make the worn-through plasticine stock-moulds of other (especially North American) television characters take on the obvious and garish brush marks of children’s toys and religious ikons.
      • 3. Because its thicket of urban street dialect, police blotter shorthand, medical terminology and judicial jingonese, all surrounded by the barest of exposition, clarification, or translation, fused all into a tense, heady grove of sound to which the Author felt privileged to eavesdrop, and, accordingly, to feel the tingling sensation of learning material true and fair and applicable to the Real World, all through hours upon hours (60 in all) of viewing.
      • a. (Other points in favor of “The Wire”): Its realistic treatment of violence
      • b. Its realistic depiction of drug abuse
      • c. Its realistic depiction of the ways in which the organizations and structures in which we find ourselves placed or which we build up around ourselves ultimately consume us, compromise us, obsess us, destroy us, or subjugate us completely to their will, and  how not even madness is an escape, for it, in its own way, is little more than another all-consuming structure.

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