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12 Things I’ve Done Since Last Posting

And so my hiatus has come to an end. What HAVE I been doing with myself?

View from my new balcony

View from my new balcony

1. Moved across town to a place with a fantastic view of the trees and sky.
2. Got my first hardware: 3rd place in the Athena division of the Marble Falls Tri—the longest tri I’ve done so far.
3. Raced Pflugerville Tri and had a lovely time, although a bit heat-dazed.
4. Started running with Rogue again.
5. Stopped running at all when plantar fasciitis came back; began complaining incessantly about plantar fasciitis.
6. Shed a great deal of stuff when moving, and sent other stuff out for repair: pearls restrung, leather jacket cleaned, cowboy boots reconstructed.
7. Bought some cool new stuff for the new place, including a Rubbermaid dust mop/wet mop combo that is delightful because I can use my own cleaning solution in it (not the stinky Swiffer stuff).
8. Taught my cat to walk on a leash.
9. Found 4 bottles of macadamia nut oil for $2 each at HEB. (!!)
10. Celebrated my daughter’s 14th birthday.
11. Sent my daughter off to high school with a new bike.
12. Got my dog’s teeth cleaned—a bit traumatic for her but man, they look amazing.

Steve: leashed.

Steve: leashed.

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