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13 Mundane Things I Did on Friday the 13th

1. Swam 2 laps in Quarry Lake with fragments of Katie Perry’s Teenage Dream in my head.

2. Went to Whole Foods and ate pecan/rice crackers with almond butter for dinner.

3. Started off the day with a wake and plank: front, both sides, and a straight arm plank.

4. Had my plantar fascia stripped at the chiropractor’s office, which is a truly next-level experience of pain.

5. Spent too much on supplements and hope at the chiropractor’s office.

6. Drove down 360 in the afternoon and at sunset, finding it equally beautiful both times: the limestone walls undulating high above the road, the hills rolling off into the distance, the stately bridge easing across the river.

7. Finished editing a lazily constructed report, cursing the lazy constructer.

8. Cleared out all the author copies from my office.

9. Soaked in an epsom-salted bath to appease my plantar fascia.

Western Day!

Western Day!

10. Braided my daughter’s hair into two plaits, because it was Western Day at school.

11. Started reading, for the second time, a Rick Castle novel, Heat Wave. That would be the Rick Castle from the TV show Castle, so this is a fictional story written by a fictional character in a clever marketing ploy. It is a terrible novel and I enjoy it immensely.

12. Walked my dog AM and PM so she could sniff the dirt and feel it under her paws, and then roll in it a bit as well.

13. Gave my cat an extra serving of wet food so he wouldn’t complain so much about not going outside, as I didn’t have time to walk him.

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