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20 = 4 Punches

As you were doubtless already aware, today is National Punch Day. As in the punch  you drink out of a punch bowl. BUT: did you know that “punch” is an altered form of panch, a Hindustani word for 5? This is important because punch recipes are based on a combination of 5 things. I did not know this! I thought it was just stuff in a bowl you probably don’t want to drink because it is likely too sweet. Here are the 5 basic elements of a punch: 

  1. alcohol (usually spirits)
  2. lemon (or other fruits)
  3. sugar
  4. water
  5. tea (or other spices, e.g., cinnamon)

So, here are 4 punch recipes that sound delicious.

1. Vodka cranberry cooler  (mmm, cranberries)

2. Bourbon punch with grapefruit and mint (mmm, bourbon)

3. Fish House punch (no actual fish involved)

4. Crazy-ass flaming German punch (Feuerzangenbowle)

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