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9.28: Kerrville Sprint Tri

smokinI was going to do my first olympic-length tri this weekend, but had to downgrade to a sprint, now that my lifestyle revolves around plantar fasciitis. Today was the sprint; tomorrow are the olympic and half-iron distances. I stayed at the Inn of the Hills last night—a stone’s throw from the swim start. Now that’s the way to do it: enjoy the continental breakfast, stroll on over to T1 to get set up, stroll on back to a nicely carpeted room to stretch and roll out. Fun fact: I discovered when I got to the hotel and unpacked that the new-in-package contact lenses I’d brought were both for the right eye. So right away, it was a slightly blurry experience this day.

Long-ass hill from the swim to T1.

Long-ass hill from the swim to T1.

The swim was in a section of the Guadalupe River, so it was nicely chilled but had a discouraging current. It was my first in-water swim start, and the start of my worst swim in YEARS. Wow. But I haven’t trained in a month because the plantar fuckcitis crushed my spirit. Suuuuper-steep ramps led to and from the water, and I swam in my compression socks (a non-negotiable bit of pain prevention; no way I was getting those on over wet legs in T1) so it was a bit tricky getting in and out. Out of the water was a suuuper-steep hill to T1, where I was delighted to get the hell on my bike.

Mysteriously, here in the hilliest part of the Hill Country, the organizers designed a flat course with just one wee hill, done in 2 loops. I loved iiiiiiiiiiiit. And in fact, I JAMMED up that fricking hill, passing people on both loops. I had that crazy grin the whole time that I get during the bike course of a tri. 

The run was routed through a residential area of Kerrville, and was enlivened by a pissed-off resident almost running over people as he tore across the course in his big truck, shouting “you can’t close the whole fucking street!”  Actually, jackass, you TOTALLY can close a street, if you arrange for the permits with the city and local law enforcement. Live and learn, shithead. The run had a hill too, which is 100% less fun on foot than on a bike, FYI. 

All in all, I had the worst swim time since the first year I started doing tris, and one of the worst run times—not surprising, given the lack of training. The bike went quite well, though, and I had a good time overall, so I call it a win.

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