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Day 31: Looking Back on the Whole 30


No, not THIS tiger’s blood.
Image source: http://tinyurl.com/pswzlfp

I’ve just completed my most successful Whole 30 yet–only 2 small slips in 30 days. That’s no alcohol, no grains, no dairy, no soy, no added sugar (in any form), no alcohol, no caffeine. Both my slips were, of course, sugar-related. I’m insanely proud of myself, because I flamed out in spectacular fashion on previous attempts at the Whole 30. Because I”ve been eating half-ass Paleo for so long, I didn’t get any of the “tiger blood” effect that some folks get (as prophesied on the Whole 30 Timeline), and I didn’t lose a bunch of weight. What I did get was bucket-loads of calm. I was so chill in October. I wasn’t scheming on how to make up for the pint of Ben and Jerry’s I ate last night with X number of green smoothies or where to get my  next sugar fix or losing sleep because I ate too much pizza or drank too many margaritas too late at night. I was just chill. I ate the meat, eggs, veggies, nuts, and fruit as planned, and stopped eating when I was hungry, and didn’t worry about it. Saved a ton of money too, as trying to avoid the whole list of Whole 30 foods makes dining out difficult. It is a ridiculously strict approach to eating and I loved it and want to do it always. Except for today, because it is Day 31 and I am bingeing on cake, pizza, and beer. And Saturday, because that is a fondue party (for people who missed my housewarming party—a party in my house during October that I did not drink alcohol at. Because I am a BALLER). And Tuesday, because I am going for margarita and nachos with an old friend. But in all seriousness, I’m happy to eat around those occasions following the Whole 30 protocol. Being released from my sugar/carb addictions through the program’s restrictions is so incredibly freeing. If this means never having Ben and Jerry’s again to maintain this chill, I’m ready to make that sacrifice.

One comment on “Day 31: Looking Back on the Whole 30

  1. […] So, starting today I’m doing another Whole30 program, a rigorous, comprehensive diet challenge. This plan dares you to eat super-duper healthy for 30 days, eschewing processed foods, all artificial ingredients, all sweeteners, grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol, and caffeine. I really, truly love how I feel when I’m following this plan, although it does present difficulty when trying to eat anywhere other than my own home—although my home does have delicious processed foods and sugar in it, so it is not 100% safe, but my teenager would starve if I took away the bomb-shelter-appropriate “food” on which she subsists. If I could summon up the personal fortitude and moral fiber to eat like this all 365 days, I would be one chill individual indeed. (Statistics bear this out: I used the word “chill” 3 times in my last Whole30 post proclaiming victory.) […]

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