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30 Squats

So, as a promotion for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, one Russian subway station is allowing passengers to do 30 squats instead of paying 30 rubles (about 91 cents) for their train fare. Since I heard about this, I’ve been mulling over what activity I could make myself pay for by doing squats first, and […]

29 Recreational Wheeled Vehicles, by Sexiness

So now you know. Courtesy of the always delightful Hairpin. 29. Segway————>Clearly 28. Roller blades 27. Roller skates 26. Scooter 25. Unicycle 24. Motorized bicycle——–>Just barely better than a Segway, really. What are you doing? Just pedal. 23. Small police dolly 22. ATV 21. Minivan 20. RV 19. Tricycle—–> as noted, I’d rank this one […]

28 Thanksgiving Tweets

Sean O’Neal ‏@seanoneal Lined up outside the burnt ruins of a Suncoast Motion Picture Store. That moldering half of a King Ralph poster will be mine. #BlackFriday Jen Statsky ‏@jenstatsky Happy Saddest Day To Eat At Subway! Matt Roller ‏@rolldiggity I bet chickens have mixed emotions about Thanksgiving, because they’re safe for a day, but […]

27 Hanukkah Tweets

Lisa Beth Johnson Listening to a country music station, pretending all the songs are about Hanukkah. Michelle Wolf ‏@michelleisawolf I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know anything about Hanukkah, but with all those candles, it seems pretty sexy. Rob Kutner Dora The Menorah #ThanksgivukkahParadeFloats Sam Grittner if anyone wants to celebrate a festival of […]

26 Words on Sisters of Mercy’s Floodland

Floodland came out 26 years ago this month; just think! Here are 26 words on the topic of this beloved album. Whispers. Empires falling. Moonlight sifting. Silver, pewter, lead. Bass lines and layers. Dancing: whip and sway. Big machines. Percussive. Drill. Hell’s chorus. Sculpted darkness. Slowness arching.

GQ’s 25 Austin Tourist Spots, Disputed Point by Point

GQ has published a city guide for tourists visiting Austin, highlighting 25 places to go. Sadly, GQ has picked an awful lot of obvious spots. Here are my suggestions for each of theirs. GQ Roof Pig Franklin BBQ Ruby’s BBQ—Ruby’s is a one-room BBQ join that’s been steeping in smokey goodness for umpteen years, so […]

24 Supernatural Songs

Supernatural is a hilarious, ridiculous, long-running show on the CW about 2 VERY pretty brothers (Sam and Dean Winchester) who battle supernatural entities for a living: demons, angels, vampires, ghosts, demigods, what have you. Now in its 9th season, multiple characters have been killed off and then resurrected multiple times. I watched the pilot and […]