Eleven 1sts

Mandatory Music: enjoy this classic Foreigner song while you read. Go on, press the button:

For the 1st day of the 11th month, here are 11 firsts in my life.

1. First kid = best kid

2. First kiss = Nick Hencey in 8th grade during a showing of the Christopher Reeve movie Monsignor. Assessment of the kissy experience: wet, sloppy, and wildly tonguey (it got better).

3. First car = silver 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit with a dark blue interior. The lining was falling down from the ceiling, and I had to periodically staple it back up. Stuck in the tape deck was somebody’s 38 Special cassette, so it was either 38 Special or the radio.

4. First triathlon = Trek Women’s sprint distance in May 2009.

5. First half-marathon = Rock & Roll Phoenix (I figured if I was going to blow my first attempt at a half, at least I wouldn’t blow it in Texas).

6. First job = waitress at Pizza Hut

7. First bike as a grownup = 1992 Specialized Hardrock

8. First apartment = a studio on Sheridan Road in Chicago. It had one window that looked into an airshaft; I had to call friends to find out what the weather was.

9. First country I visited: Russia

10. First time I ever saw the shoe section at the Old Orchard Nordstroms: a beautiful, beautiful dream

11. First Roofpig posting: 12.12.12

3 comments on “Eleven 1sts

  1. My kissing has improved also,..do you still listen to frampton? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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