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4 Fun Facts about November

1. November was originally the 9th month of the Roman calendar, which makes sense, given the “nov” part (novem in Latin means 9, and more importantly, nueve means 9 in Spanish, a language I actually knew at one point).

2. Month-long observances in November include both National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) AND the Roman Church’s remembrance of Holy Souls in Purgatory. COINCIDENCE?

3. It is Sweet Potato Awareness Month. So…just be aware. I’m not saying be cautious, or apprehensive, or nervous. Just…be aware.

4. The day after Thanksgiving is Buy Nothing Day, an international observance to protest consumerism. Also known as Black Friday, or the day after Thanksgiving when many folks go consume with a vengeance. I just finished paying off the fancy road bike I bought last Black Friday (12 months same as cash, YO), so I’m going the Buy Nothing this year to take a breather from debt payments. Also, I’ll probably be too busy at home the day after Thanksgiving thinking about sweet potatoes. They’re all I can think about, all of a sudden.

One comment on “4 Fun Facts about November

  1. As one who has always obeyed the “buy nothing” day I’m glad it is nationally noted. See you soon, Love

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