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My 7 Cycles Choice

If you are thinking about getting me a new bike, I’ll take one of the custom frames from Seven Cycles, custom bike builders. I’ve already picked out my color combo: Electric Blueberry and Swimming Pool. Here’s the page if you want to play with colors on your fantasy titanium bike. I’ll take the Elium SL, which I picked out based on the options presented in the Bikes By Discipline menu. You can choose from Fast, Endurance, Cyclocross, etc. Then the Endurance category breaks down into Solo, Randonne, Mixed Terrain, and so forth. I clicked on the Solo subset because I always get dropped in group rides, so all rides are solo rides for me. Check out this primo copy for the Solo bikes: “Disappears beneath you, when you have other things on your mind than winning.” DAMN. Doesn’t that make  people who are focused on winning kind of sound like losers? Like, just shallow, bro. The current lead frame for a painted frame is 8 weeks, so this present you are getting for me won’t be ready by Christmas, but it’ll be done for my birthday.

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

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