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The Forgotten 8th Category of Bikes


Think of how much beer you could haul in that basket. Maybe a pony keg?

The Daily Burn blog recently had a post on picking the best bicycle for your purposes, which broke bikes down into these 7 categories:
1. Road Bike
2. Mountain Bike
3. Cruiser Bike
4. Commuter Bike
5. Fixie
6. Recreational Bike
7. Tri

English: A man is riding a tricycle with heavy...

Maybe not recommended, but amazing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Really, SO much beer.

Clearly, they’ve forgotten the essential 8th category: the adult trike. I have wanted one of these for the longest time! Doesn’t it look like fun? Think of everything you could haul in that basket! 

Groceries, camping gear, full picnic regalia, Girl Scout cookies, bags of potting soil, small to medium dogs, adventurous cats, who knows? (Note: not all at once.) Of course, you can haul most of those things on a cargo bike, but a cargo bike looks like serious business, like you’d feel more intense about the whole venture while riding. A giant basket on the back of a trike just makes hauling fun. You’re not going to go fast or take any sharp corners on one of these; a relaxed pace is clearly demanded.

These bikes are stable, what with the extra wheel and being low to the ground (but not as low as a recumbent, so more visible by cars). Another visibility plus: they are much wider than most bikes and so command more notice widthwise as well. I’d absolutely use one of these to toodle up to the neighborhood grocery store (staying off busy streets) or take it on vacation to the coast.

One comment on “The Forgotten 8th Category of Bikes

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