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15 Days Late: Planksgiving

Oh no, it’s the 15th, and I’ve just discovered the Planksgiving Challenge! That’s all right: I’ve actually been planking pretty much every day for the last few weeks anyway. I call it the “wake and plank” approach: as soon as my alarm goes off, I roll out of bed onto the floor and do four planks for 45 seconds each: standard (on elbows), straight arm, and right and left sides. (In between planks, I take a rest by sitting up on my feet with my toes bent under, stretching out the plantar fascia, which gets cranky if I don’t stretch it out frequently. Two things at once!). Being still half asleep makes it easier to do these horrible things, and at the same time I feel nicely invigorated by the time I’m done, particularly since I always finish with child’s pose. It’s really a lovely way to start the day, and my posture improved noticeably after just a week of waking and planking.  Check out the video on Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans for proper form and variations on the basic plank (those hip dips look like fun, actually).



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