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11.16: The Be Kind to Cyclists Ride

"I'm like the dinosaur of cows." Source: http://doublehelixranch.com/FAQ.html

“I’m like the dinosaur of cows.”
Source: http://doublehelixranch.com/FAQ.html

Today I did the Please Be Kind to Cyclists 30-mile fundraiser ride. We started out in Leander, meandered through some ranch land, cycled through Liberty Hill at one point, and at one point passed a sign that said “Turmoil, Texas…Population 13.” I don’t know what that was about, but it’s certainly intriguing. We saw regular cows, longhorns (which are really strange-looking creatures, when you stop to look at ’em), goats, donkeys, and horses. My sports doctor has had me doing daily glute exercises (to help strengthen my whole chain of movement and ultimately prevent more plantar fasciitis) for about 6 weeks now, and I can really feel the effects on the bike. I’m just a stronger rider overall now, and feeling good on the hills. 

Be Kind to Cyclists is a really cool local organization that tries to raise awareness of cyclists on the roads to prevent accidents; once accidents happen, Be Kind helps uninsured riders with medical bills. They also place the ghost bikes around town: a ghost bike is painted  all white and placed permanently at the spot of fatal accidents involving cyclists. Their fundraiser ride today was fairly small (maybe 30 riders) but I’m sure it’ll grow in future years; it was a chill vibe and lovely ride.

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