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29 Recreational Wheeled Vehicles, by Sexiness

So now you know. Courtesy of the always delightful Hairpin.

29. Segway————>Clearly
28. Roller blades
27. Roller skates
26. Scooter
25. Unicycle
24. Motorized bicycle——–>Just barely better than a Segway, really. What are you doing? Just pedal.
23. Small police dolly
22. ATV
21. Minivan
20. RV
19. Tricycle—–> as noted, I’d rank this one higher.
18. Skateboard
17. Golf cart
16. Amphibious car
15. Bus 
14. Dune buggy———>How is this one not higher? Dune travel is sexy travel.
13. Monster truck
12. Limousine
11. SUV——->I’d slot this one up next to ATV. 
10. Van
9. Moped
8. Riding lawnmower
7. 18 wheeler
6. Bicycle——->Clearly, this should swap places with #2.
5. Tank——->This one’s just too impractical to be sexy. Where ya ever gonna take it?
4. Motorcycle
3. Car——->No way a car is sexier than a motorcycle. Ain’t no way.
2. Tractor
1. Pickup truck

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