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30 Squats

So, as a promotion for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, one Russian subway station is allowing passengers to do 30 squats instead of paying 30 rubles (about 91 cents) for their train fare. Since I heard about this, I’ve been mulling over what activity I could make myself pay for by doing squats first, and have selected brushing my teeth at night. I’ve got a dentist appointment coming up, so the stakes are high. Gotta do those squats if I want to move on to the dental hygiene step (with an emphasis on flossing, because that’s the worst part of the dentist appointment.

If you want to institute a squat payment plan for your daily life, see this excellent post from Greatist on proper squat form. If you need motivation to get squatting, consider these fun facts:

First, let’s all agree that the squat may be the single most effective strength training exercise ever invented. This movement, properly executed, is capable of working almost every muscle group in the body and in a functional way. Squatting actively uses all the muscles from the core to the feet. When performed using a bar or dumb bells it also works the muscles of the upper trunk, neck, arms and shoulders. In addition, because the spine is axially loaded during the squat it can be beneficial in mitigating or preventing the effects of osteoporosis. Talk about getting the most “bang for the buck”! (Source)

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