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22nd of 101 Ruinations

This type of packaging should be outlawed

This type of packaging should be outlawed, says Stock Photo Woman (Photo credit: miss_rogue)

In a book called [you] Ruined It for Everyone!: 101 People Who Screwed Things Up for the Rest of Us, #22 was devoted to the person who invented vacuum-sealed plastic clamshell packaging. You know the stuff—it’s the hard casing you have to conquer to reach the toy or SD card or other consumer good you so desire. That stuff is terrifying, because it’s so easy for your sharp implement to slip on that hard, slick plastic, and it’s hell to saw through. So, yes, I think the inventor of this menace (not named in the book’s website; maybe the author did the research for the book) definitely deserves a place on  someone’s shit list somewhere.

Any hey, here’s a tip: you can more safely breach that packaging by using a can opener on it. It’s not easy, but rolling the can opener across the top of the package is safer than slicing open a hand with a box cutter.

What successful packaging design must have (ledgrowlight888.wordpress.com)

One comment on “22nd of 101 Ruinations

  1. It’s good to see someone thkniing it through.

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