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24 Sharknado Tweets

My seasonal gift to you! I celebrated Christmas Eve by watching Sharknado with my brother, sister, and daughter. It was the best; I highly recommend this new tradition to all. And now, to the mockery.

Patton Oswalt @pattonoswalt
Just got a call from the 2nd A.D. on the movie I’m filming. Call time canceled tomorrow. ALL movies canceled. It’s done. #SharkNado

Ryan McGee @TVMcGee
Twenty minutes in, and we FINALLY have Tara Reid. They held her out like Brando in “Apocalypse Now”. #Sharknado

rob delaney @robdelaney
I usually hate Wes Anderson, but Sharknado’s actually pretty good.

Amy D Stephenson @amydstephenson
The big reveal at the end of #SharkNado will be that the continuity director was dead the whole time!

Bill Hanstock @sundownmotel
no academics really want to admit it but “sharknado” was a shockingly faithful adaptation of Ulysses

Len Feldman @lenfeldman
#Sharknado shows what kinds of special effects you can make with an Etch-a-Sketch, a Pez dispenser and a lawn sprinkler.

Dave Itzkoff @ditzkoff
If you watch Sharknado backwards, it’s about shark carcasses that fly off the ground, into the air, spit out people and land in the ocean.

The Dowager Countess @theLadyGrantham
America: The Empire gave you tea, civilisation and the English language – and you responded with #Sharknado.

Casey Pratt @CaseyPrattCSN
I’m surprised that Ian Ziering didn’t reach back into that shark’s guts and pull out an Oscar for Best Picture. #SharkNado.

Matty J @Dem0crats
Well the one thing we can all agree on…if #Sharknado was to happen, the #GOP House would block the relief aid.

Horatio Sanz @MrHoratioSanz
I wish I could join in on the shenanigans, But I had a cousin that was killed by a #Sharknado back in ’93. #RamonRIP

B.J. Novak @bjnovak
I’m afraid that now when we have a real sharknado everyone’s going to treat it like a joke

Danny Zuker @DannyZuker
Can’t watch #Sharknado because I’m on the set of my new film Tsunamwolf.

Eric Stangel @EricStangel
You get the feeling they said this a lot during filming “Eh, we’ll fix it later. It’ll look fine.” #Sharknado

Philip Klein @philipaklein
Just as paper beats rock, bar stool beats shark.#sharknado

Ryan McGee @TVMcGee
JOHN HEARD JUST HIT A SHARK WITH A BARSTOOL. I want to make out with this movie. #Sharknado

Chris Harnick @chrisharnick
Glad to see #Sharknado borrowed graphics from The Sims.

Michael Ausiello @MichaelAusiello
Sorry #Sharknado but I’m having a tough time believing Tara Reid could afford a house that nice. You had me up until then.

Dave Itzkoff @ditzkoff
I *knew* Sharknado was just one long metaphor for the process of natural childbirth.

emilynussbaum @emilynussbaum
“Your son wants to go drop a bomb into a tornado.” “No, too dangerous!” #helicopterparenting

pourmecoffee @pourmecoffee
Tomorrow, GOP will introduce Sharknado Prevention and Preparedness Act of 2013, which repeals Obamacare and restricts reproductive health.

Sharktopus @SharktopusLives
#SharkNado sounds like an excellent breakfast opportunity.

Journalist’s Toolbox @journtoolbox
Two-Headed Shark Attack with Carmen Elektra and Brooke Hogan up next. How will the Emmy voters go? #sharknado

Kurt Eichenwald @kurteichenwald
Sean Hannity turned on #SharkNado and thought it was real. Went on Fox, announced that sharks were raining down in LA and blamed Obamacare.

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