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31 (or 32) Flavors

Ah, you guys, I’ve just discovered that Baskin Robbins had 32 original flavors, not 31. WHAT. I don’t even know. I’m just gonna list them here and let the controversy propel this blog to stardom. Here goes. Banana Nut Fudge Black Walnut Burgundy Cherry Butterscotch Ribbon Cherry Macaroon Chocolate Chocolate Almond Chocolate Chip Chocolate Fudge […]

3.30: National Pencil Day

National Pencil Day falls on March 30 each year. Thank goodness it fell on a Sunday this year, because when the Pencil Day party falls on a Friday or Saturday, my hangover lasts for DAYS. But this Pencil Day, I was too busy editing a report on the costs/benefits of channelized right-turn lanes, so I […]

3.29: Carsickness

I was in a 90-minute ride today in the back seat of a car, and got carsick. I didn’t used to get carsick, but many processes/pieces in my body began breaking down once I passed 40, and my inner ear has started to go. This makes me really sad, because I can’t do crazy rides […]

3.28.1941: Woolf Walks into the Water

On this day in 1941, Virginia Woolf killed herself. She filled her coat pockets with stones and walked into the River Ouse, after leaving a note to her husband explaining that she was being overwhelmed by mental illness for the last time. Such a shame! A super-fine mind came undone. She left some tremendous works behind, […]

Genesis 1, Verse 27

I’m not atheist myself, but that group does seem to have a corner on the smartass market, which I admire. Interestingly, a Google image search of Genesis 1:27 does return about 98% white people. *rolls eyes*

26 Grams of Sugar

I gave up eating anything with sugar added on January 23, 2014. If you think that sounds like a pain-in-the-ass rule to follow, you are right. I’ve had to amend it to “knowingly eat anything with sugar added,” as I’ve run into quite a few suspect salad dressings in restaurants, and had the horrible realization […]

25 Songs About Fixing Your Brain: Antidepressants and Such

Today’s playlist is all about stuff we put on our brains. Don’t worry, I got that one Dokken song. Two songs are unavailable via Spotify, so below I’ve got Lloyd Cole on the WordPress player plus a killer track via embedded YouTube. Below that is the Spotify playlist. Note: most of these songs are either implicitly or explicitly […]