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21 Things I Can Be Grateful For, Despite the Plague of Plantar Fasciitis

So, I was feeling sorry for myself this morning because the plantar fasciitis is back and is fighting hard to keep its grip on my left foot. Plantar fasciitis makes me feel like I literally cannot stand on my own two feet, like I can’t support my own weight upon the earth, and that’s fucked up, right? I was stress-eating a bagel and cream cheese (although I know my foot and I will ultimately feel much better if I keep strict Paleo), and my daughter pointed this out: “Well, you’re still an otherwise healthy American citizen.” This is an excellent point! Time to focus on all the good to take my focus off the bad. To the list!

  1. When my daughter and I had this conversation, we were sitting on a city bus near a man confidently conversing with the air. And I remembered again what a gift sound mental health is—such a gift, I’m putting it #1 on this list.
  2. And indeed, as a white middle-class American citizen, life IS really. fricking. easy. Come  on.
  3. I’ve got the time, energy, resources, and material to create a list of things I’m grateful for.
  4. I have a full-time job with benefits; yay! And my own office no less—not a cubicle.
  5. My dog is the very best dog.
  6. My daughter is the very best daughter.
  7. All my addictions (caffeine and carbs) are to legal and relatively inexpensive substances.
  8. And I’ve got a big-ass cup of good coffee RIGHT HERE.
  9. Mmmmm, coffee.
  10. I have not one but TWO bikes.
  11. Spotify, all day.
  12. I have an entire shelf of poetry books just waiting to illuminate any given moment.
  13. I live in the golden age of television: Justified, Hannibal, Community.
  14. The #3 bus stops right by my home and takes me to right outside my office.
  15. I live in the golden age of Twitter comedy: so many comedians pumping out so many great one-liners.
  16. My family’s pretty cool.
  17. I live in Austin.
  18. I get to sleep in tomorrow.
  19. The Austin public library system is extensive, convenient, and free.
  20. I absolutely love my apartment, and am lucky enough to have a balcony so I can sit outside and have a snack and gaze at the greenery and the lovely blue pool.
  21. WordPress gives me a handy way to force myself to either come up with something creative every day or re-post something creative someone else has come up with. So that’s nice.

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