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25 Songs About Fixing Your Brain: Antidepressants and Such

Today’s playlist is all about stuff we put on our brains. Don’t worry, I got that one Dokken song. Two songs are unavailable via Spotify, so below I’ve got Lloyd Cole on the WordPress player plus a killer track via embedded YouTube. Below that is the Spotify playlist.

Note: most of these songs are either implicitly or explicitly anti-medication for brain problems for a variety of reasons. I’m fairly conflicted on the topic myself. I started taking Effexor to fix my brain (thus, Track 1), and had such a hard time kicking it I stayed on for 7 years. Finally, I was able to come off it, and felt like I’d been asleep for 7 years, waking up (thus, Track 25) to find a life radically changed from the time I went under. I still wonder whether some of the choices I made while asleep were for the best. (Thus, conflicted.)

To round things out, here’s a link to that handy graphic depicting what it would look like to treat physical ailments the way many folks think mental ailments can be solved.

Lloyd Cole’s “Antidepressant”:  “Thorazine Shuffle” by Bongos, Bass & Bob: they used to play this song on the radio when I was a kid; it’s a great fricking song.

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