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3.29: Carsickness



I was in a 90-minute ride today in the back seat of a car, and got carsick. I didn’t used to get carsick, but many processes/pieces in my body began breaking down once I passed 40, and my inner ear has started to go. This makes me really sad, because I can’t do crazy rides like Tilt-A-Whirls anymore, as I found out not too long ago at one of those roadside carnivals that pop up for a week or so a couple times a year off of SH 70. Man, I LOVE roller coasters and now I’m afraid to get on one. When your inner ear breaks down, you start feeling like you are moving faster than you are, which is why old people drive so slow. And now I am on the other side of youth and get carsick.

You know what’s key to curing carsickness? Chewing gum. Gum is IT when you want to hurl. Maybe because all the chewing preps your system for food to come down and thus the gum confuses your system right out of its nausea (naus in Greek means ship, by the way).

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