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31 (or 32) Flavors



Ah, you guys, I’ve just discovered that Baskin Robbins had 32 original flavors, not 31. WHAT. I don’t even know. I’m just gonna list them here and let the controversy propel this blog to stardom. Here goes.

  1. Banana Nut Fudge
  2. Black Walnut
  3. Burgundy Cherry
  4. Butterscotch Ribbon
  5. Cherry Macaroon
  6. Chocolate
  7. Chocolate Almond
  8. Chocolate Chip
  9. Chocolate Fudge
  10. Chocolate Mint
  11. Chocolate Ribbon
  12. Coffee
  13. Coffee Candy
  14. Date Nut
  15. Egg Nog
  16. French Vanilla
  17. Gold Medal Ribbon
  18. Lemon Crisp
  19. Lemon Custard
  20. Lemon Sherbet
  21. Maple Nut
  22. Orange Sherbet
  23. Peach
  24. Peppermint Fudge Ribbon
  25. Peppermint Stick
  26. Pineapple Sherbet
  27. Pralines ‘n Cream
  28. Raspberry Sherbet
  29. Rocky Road
  30. Strawberry
  31. Vanilla
  32. Vanilla Burnt Almond


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