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Apr1l F1sh

Happy April Fish!

Happy April Fish!

We Americans can only wish to have as cool a holiday as France’s April Fish. On April 1st, the more whimsical and mischeivous French will tape a paper fish to a person’s back as a prank. When I first heard of this tradition, I assumed the paper version was a contemporary downgrade from attaching ACTUAL fish to people’s backs, and was disappointed to hear it’s always just been a paper rather than a real fish. Putting aside practical considerations of how you’d attach a real fish to someone without their noticing, I think we can agree a REAL fish makes for a better prank. Anyway, the best part about this holiday is the postcard artwork produced in the late 19th to early 20th century. As a fan of cool fish art, I am over the moon over the Poisson d’Avril postcards. Dig ’em!fish6 fish14 fish13 fish12 fish11 fish10 fish9 fish8 fish7

fish6 fish2 fish3 fish5 fish4

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  1. […] love or find useful and want others to enjoy. Good for me, good for everyone. I mean, have you seen the April Fish art? How cool is that? I would not have experienced that wonderful weirdness otherwise, if I […]

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