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Step Up 2’s First Battle

I’m a huge fan of the Step Up movies, despite their terrible dialogue and seemingly computer-generated scripts and hackneyed plot devices. I just love fancy acrobatic dance moves, I tell you what. Step Up 2: The Streets is a fairly terrible movie, but it does introduce us to the Moose character, who is always delightful. Also, this movie introduced me to one of my favorite songs to move to:  T-Pain’s “Church.” Ahhhhh, this song is so fantastic when running or cleaning house or possibly even dancing, who knows? The scene in which this song is used is kinda dumb: ostensibly a dance battle between old friends, it features two fit and beautiful people gesticulating at each other and bouncing on trampolines set into the dance floor. Not the best choreography in this series, but the song is the key thing here.

One comment on “Step Up 2’s First Battle

  1. See, if THIS age Channing Tatum had been cast to play Gambit in the X-Men movies, before he grew up and bulked up, I would have been down with that.

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