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Step Up 3: You’re Gonna Need a Montage

You know what’s a much better movie than Step Up 2? Step Up 3D. It is still not a good movie, but the characters are far more likable and the choreography is fantastic. We get a lot more Moose (skinny boy with huge smile and great moves), a pair of insanely sinuous and chatty Argentinian twins, the always charming and lovable tWitch (from So You Think You Can Dance), and the Robot Guy. Right now, you’re asking yourself just one question: IS THERE  A TRAINING MONTAGE? Yes, there is! And it is possibly the best sequence in the movie. But not an embeddable one; you’ll have to visit this YouTube link.

Anyway, speaking of the Argentinian twins, they and their weirdly strappy outfits do some nice work in the water dance scene, a (needlessly racist)(but then so much about these movies is needless) dance battle in Chinatown. Look for them about 50 seconds into this clip.



One comment on “Step Up 3: You’re Gonna Need a Montage

  1. As much as I love the series, it’s probably all needlessly racist – the whole premise being “take an art form mostly developed by people of color and put white kids as the pretty faces on the front of it, saving everyone else.” Moose was the star of this film, though, the pretty white faces hardly exist as far as I’m concerned.

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