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5 Reasons I’m Blogging

Thas' right

Thas’ right

Tonight I’m going to Live Mom‘s Bloggin’ Mama Social, a meetup of mom bloggers in Austin. I’ll be meeting lots of other bloggers, and I’m interested to find out why they all blog. Here’s my listicle of why I blog.

1. The concept behind this blog is that I post each day with content somehow related to the date (for example, today is the 5th, so I’m creating a list of 5 things). In theory, setting myself the task to post every day means I have to develop discipline, which has never been my strong suit. In practice, I often end up posting two in a day because I forgot to finish the previous day’s post. Baby steps, right?

2. Posting here is a challenge to myself to do something imperfectly and be OK with that. Uh, like forgetting to finish & post, thus publishing 2 posts in one day, even though I set out to really stick to my plan of posting 1 each day. I can deviate from the plan and it’s all gonna be OK.

3. I’m also trying to be OK with creating imperfect content. I’m often hampered in creative attempts by the belief that every little word has to be perfect, every post compelling, well-conceived, and well-executed. But it does not and I do not have to hold myself to that. This blog isn’t for a grade and neither is life. So I’m trying to force myself to loosen up and JUST POST SOMETHING (and by extension, in everyday life, just do something without pressuring myself to do it perfectly). Each post does not have to be world-changing or significant. Just take some sort of action and don’t worry so much, right?

4. Fulfilling this blog’s format challenges me to learn something new every day, or share something every day that I love or find useful and want others to enjoy. Good for me, good for everyone. I mean, have you seen the April Fish art? How cool is that? I would not have experienced that wonderful weirdness otherwise, if I hadn’t gone looking.

5. I just enjoy doing this, and am delighted when I produce a post that turns out to be a fully fleshed-out attempt to do something creative. Sure, some days I’m just embedding videos from the Step Up movies, but some days I surprise myself with writing something that I’m proud of.

And now I’m hitting “Publish” so I don’t forget to later, or end up stressing about word choice, and whether I could have come up with better reasons, or…


One comment on “5 Reasons I’m Blogging

  1. “Just post something” is a good way to do it, because when you’ve written 500 posts? You’ll have forgotten all about that one post with that one word choice that you weren’t 100% happy with. Or you won’t, so you’ll dig it up and mess with it, or even delete the post, but if you do there’s still something there.

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