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4.26: (Captain) America, Fuck Yeah!

My kiddo and I went to see Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier this evening. (We weren’t supposed to be there; we were supposed to be at the Moontower Comedy Festival, courtesy of the kid’s gig with the Radio Club at her school, except this stoner/Radio Club exec NATE was supposed to get us the pass and he DIDN’T because he slept till 7 PM and so did not respond to texts dating from THURSDAY and his voicemail was FULL, and my kid won’t give me NATE’s phone number so I can call him up and give him a piece of my mind about this shitty, unprofessional behavior, so let me just say this here: NATE FROM RADIO CLUB, YOU SUCK.)

Also a plus: Bucky is MUCH hotter with long, tousled locks. Source.

Also a plus: Bucky is MUCH hotter with long, tousled locks. Source.

ANYWAY. We saw Captain America 2 instead, and one moment jumped out at me as super awesome: Robert Redford, in a show of bad behavior rivaling NATE’S FROM RADIO CLUB, is essentially holding the World Security Council (WSC) hostage. One WSC member is an older woman in a conservative skirt suit who responds to Redford’s imminent assault on another WSC member by springing into action and kicking almost everyone’s ass. This surprising development was delightful! An older woman being a super bad ass! Now that must be why she was on the WSC, I thought. Then the older lady revealed herself  to be Black Widow, and I was all “Duh.” I was probably the only person who did not see that reveal coming. Now, I’m a big fan of Black Widow. I love it when chicks kick ass, and she has been a strong character in The Avengers and in this movie. But how much cooler would it have been to see a 60-ish woman in a french blue skirt suit just be a force of effective aggression unto herself? Like, she wouldn’t have to take out Nick Fury himself or anything, maybe just NATE WHO FAILED TO PROVIDE THE MOONTOWER PASSES AS PROMISED.

One comment on “4.26: (Captain) America, Fuck Yeah!

  1. I didn’t see it coming either. I never see ANYTHING coming. I am the most easily fooled movie watcher ever.

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