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Day 28: Whole30 (Cat. Stroller. YES.)

I was over on the Whole30 site, trying to see if many folks continue adhering to the program’s restrictions after the 30 days are up (consensus: NOT many, at least not in full). Anyway, I ended up reading this success story about an older lady who took up the Whole30 and had dramatic results: no […]

Days 23-27: Whole30 (The Lost 5 Days)

Man, lack of sleep sure fuzzes me out—middle age has a way of exaggerating every small deficiency. We’ve a couple nights of thunderstorms that woke me up and worried my dog, and the ensuing fogginess has lasted for days. Also I’ve been staying up late reading a fascinating book titled What Makes Your Brain Happy […]

Day 22: Whole30 (The Sugar Dinosaur)

I ran across this thought-provoking post about the effect of power, with a subtopic of the allure of sugar to a child seeking power. I’m not sure how to describe this post—it’s kind of a comic strip, in that text is alternating with illustrations. Go check it out: “Menace” from

Day 21: Whole30 (Dammit, Leptin!)

Did you know lack of leptin makes you hungry? Leptin is a hormone that your body produces while you sleep. So, when my dog woke me up at 2:30 this morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep for a couple hours, I went out into the world with a severe lack of leptin and […]

Day 20: Whole30 (Tasty Resources)

From the Whole30 Daily (a daily support newsletter you can subscribe to for $15, and is actually worth it, for the intense coverage and comprehensive approach of W30 issues) comes this list of handy resources for Whole30 goodness: Ghee. Ghee, a form of clarified butter, is a yummy Whole30-approved fat source. You canmake your own, […]

Day 17-19: Whole30 (Rollers)

Saturday was such a lovely, calming day, with lots of walking to and from errands and sitting on my patio enjoying the cool evening. Sunday I set out for an out-and-bike ride on Parmer Lane, which features some nice rollers (rolling hills) through ranch land. I’ve done the 25-mile ride there a few times, but […]

Day 16: Whole30 (Bike to Work Day!)

Today was Bike to Work Day in Austin. It’s the bicycle commuter’s holiday! All bets and diets are off! Do you know how many KIND bars you have to eat before you never want to see another one in your life? 4. The answer is 4.